County Line Kennels
Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas

Take away the hunt and you take away
the roots of the dog’s strength."

                                                                Dr. Engelmann
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Thanks for visiting County Line Kennels; w
e’re a small family owned kennel located in southwest Oklahoma. Four years ago, we fell in love with the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla (HWV); the mellowest, most affectionate, loyal, intelligent and eager to learn and please breed and haven't looked back. Recently, we decided to take an active role in promoting this wonderful versatile breed in the United States.

ur dogs are first and foremost companions, which means they are part of our family. They live in our house, ride in our vehicles, and accompany us in most outdoor activities. They have a natural instinct to conform to the personality and desires of each family member. For me, it’s versatile gundog and companion; for my wife, it’s companion, protector, and evening walk escort; and, for my daughter, it’s best friend, snuggle buddy, fashion prop, doggie model (see individual pages), and sounding board when she needs to vent because, “Her parents are soooo unreasonable…”.  In fact, at night the dogs have free roam of the house, but choose to sleep in her room.

We haven't entered our dogs in the show ring, simply because we’re ignorant to the system. However, this fall we'll enter the show ring for the first time and see how our dogs compete. Now, in addition to gundog training we'll learn show ring etiquette - we're becoming versatile.

I love talking dogs, versatile hunting, and ways to better our wonderful breed, so feel free to drop us a line any time.

Blessings. – Steve & Lorie

Our Philosophy:

I’ve always had working dogs of some sort; however, most were hunting dogs of some flavor. I’ve had good dogs, bad dogs, healthy dogs, sick dogs, cheap dogs and expensive dogs. Experience has taught me a few things along the way when purchasing a dog. I now live by the adage, “Buy a puppy from a proven line instead of spending your resources fixing problems of convenience and mediocrity."

I'm from the school of thought, “Form Follows Function", which simply means, if a dog
does what it was bred to do, then naturally its
structure (form) will be correct. The key is honest evaluation, but to do so one must get the dog out doing what it was bred to do.

Build from a solid foundation. We believed Zöldmáli Kennels, Páty Hungary offered the best foundation - based on evidence available; therefore, we imported our dogs directly from Zöldmáli Kennels. 

Our Role in HWV Betterment:

As lovers of this breed we must do everything for its betterment; therefore:

1. We support organizations like North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) that promote responsible gundog ownership. These organizations serve the interests of game conservation, prevention of cruelty to animals, hunter safety, and the gun dog hunter by helping the hunter to train his/her dog to work before and after the shot, on land and in water. The bond that develops between owner and dog working as a team is priceless.

2. We promote health and welfare of our dogs through two venues: (1) General Health Care and (2) Health Evaluations. Our dogs are fed quality food, Purina Pro Plan. Everymonth they receive Heartgard Plus to prevent and control Heartworms, Roundworms and Hookworms, and Frontline Plus to control fleas and ticks. Health evaluations are conducted with the aim of reduction in the incidence of genetic diseases passed along; therefore, our dog’s hips, elbows and eyes are evaluated and cleared before breeding, and we'll not breed to a dog that's not properly evaluated!

3. We encourage responsible dog ownership. It's better to not have a dog than to neglect it. Spay or neuter your dogs if you have no intention of breeding them.